Deiva Marina

Deiva Marina

Deiva Marina, where the everyday life ends and the adventure begins. First stop of a little touristy sea and still exquisitely homely, very welcome after the ostentatious luxury of the Tigullio. The province of La Spezia begins in Deiva, and from here on, we Genoese hear each other for the first time, but fortunately timidly,strangers. But obviously not too much because Deiva is a place that the Genoese know well, there are those who have a second home, those who are avid fans of a bathroom on its beach, those who have frequented it for a lifetime.

Deiva Marina

On this page we will find out how to experience Deiva Marina in its entirety. We will take a virtual tour of its beach, discover what to see on the promenade and the historic center, how to get there, and last but not least we will help you book a hotel, b & b or holiday home. At a good price and without taking bins, you want everything on holiday except problems or bad experiences.

Deiva, as the first appearance from La Spezia, really begins to make you foretaste what you will find on the road, and what a road: Framura, where time refuses to pass. Bonassola, so beautiful it looks painted. Levanto which is all it takes to survive when times get tough. And then the Cinque Terre of course, which the whole world has already discovered. Deiva Marina, however, does not pretend to want to appear as a sixth land. It seems more important to her to communicate with the neighbora Moneglia with which he divides the destiny of living regulated by the times of the traffic lights that open the road or not.

Deiva Marina has a dual soul , whose expressions are dramatically different from each other. There is the one linked to the sea, to summer, to beach life, born in the 60s and whose modern lines dominate the seafront area. And then the ancient one, which is expressed in a historic center practically untouched by tourism and therefore still intensely experienced by local inhabitants.

Deiva Marina hotel

Finding where to sleep in Deiva, in fact, with little effort you can also experience the nearby Moneglia and with a few kilometers by car or minute by train you can go to Framura and from here on the cycle path up to Bonassola and Levanto.

Deiva Marina is also famous for the camping, and of course there is no shortage of rental apartments and holiday homes. For this we propose here a small selection of the best structures. We have included in This is Liguria both hotels for families, or groups of friends, but also more romantic farmhouses where you can create a perfect bubble in which to live the couple.a.

Deiva marina promenade and beach

Deiva Marina would definitely be another thing without his seafront and his beach . A beach with a beautiful, spectacular water color, and also very rich in fish, also perfect for fishing!
The Deiva beach has many pluses, not least that if in Liguria finding space for an umbrella is usually a challenge, here it is possible. Not having the breakwater in front of it like Moneglia, it is more exposed to the whims of the sea, but never mind, its lack gives us the infinite horizon to look at and look at.

Deiva Marina Liguria

Furthermore, Deiva beach is like Deiva itself: quiet, and not at all glitzy, with family shops and where everything is savored on a small scale. In many ways, it reminds us of the good times we had in Naxos, down there where Plaka beach ends.

The Deiva beach is divided into several sections, some free, others equipped. Technically, then, the part beyond the Castagnola river, which in summer is practically always dry, is no longer part of Deiva but of the municipality of Framura. It is the characteristic of Furnaces , which in any case in the collective imagination is for everyone a part of Deiva.

The free beach of Deiva for the most part is made up of gravel and is beautiful and well organized, as well as usually very well maintained and clean. As for the equipped beach of Deiva Marina, there are three bathing establishments.

Deiva Marina spiaggia

Deiva Marina historic center

The historic center is certainly the main thing to see in Deiva Marina.a. Everyone just calls itOld Deiva and it is a cube of caruggi that tightens around the small square , just behind via della liberty. It is an enchanted and silent place, where you can sit a few minutes on the bench and take a two-minute break from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Not far away is the Pro Loco , and the  post office building , with its portico and the giant chessboard that adorns the space in front of it. In the historic center of Deiva you come for some shopping, you go to the butcher, and you can stop in a restaurant or pizzeria. The heart of the medieval village of old Deiva is the church of Sant’Antonio Abate , with a beautiful yellow facade and a graceful bell tower with almost baroque curves. From here you then descend onto a pleasant circular square that overlooks Corso Italia, the main road that climbs towards the hilly hamlets and the highway.

What to do in Deiva Marina

Deiva Marina is a young and fun place. Ideal for experiencing it in all forms of the outdoors, from water activities , SUP, canoe, kayak, to rent inflatable boats and to move freely leaving the car parked, even for vesps and scooters, and of course e-bikes.

Deiva Marina is an excellent base for trekking and hiking . The mountains behind Deiva are quite high and reach almost a thousand meters, while the stages towards Framura and Moneglia are classic. and allow you to enjoy an exceptional panorama that ranges from Punta Mesco to the Promontory of Portofino. And not just on foot ....

The trails and the hinterland of Deiva Marina are exceptional for mountain-bike , so much so that free-ride and enduro (and it goes without saying, the electric e-enduro), up to the Bracco pass, towards Sestri Levante, are a true paradise for the biker, with more than a dozen trails and paths suitable for our case. And not surprisingly, Deiva also hosted the Italian Enduro Championships.

Deiva Marina how to get there

For  get to Deiva Marina , most of them choose the machine and the highway. Deiva was in fact lucky, compared to the neighboring towns, and was even reserved for her own toll booth on the A12, which in any case also serves the users of Framura and for those arriving from the west, Bonassola. This is the next exit at Sestri Levante, coming from Genoa, and at Brugnato / Borghetto Vara for anyone traveling from La Spezia to Genoa. The Deiva motorway exit is located about 6km from the center and the beach.

You can also choose to arrive in Deiva Marina in train , and indeed, very often it is the best choice. Especially perhaps for those who choose to come to the beach to change when on holiday in Tigullio. At Deiva station only local and regional trains stop, this means that there are no direct arrows or intercity trains to the main cities. The only capitals connected to Deiva Marina without change are Genoa and La Spezia. All those coming from other destinations will therefore have to change trains, in this case almost always in Sestri Levante.

Deiva Marina weather

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The views of Andrea and Katerina

Deiva Marina is straightforward. Like that Moretti mustache, Liguria is honest and sincere. There is the sea, there is the beach, there is the establishment. Not very fashionable, very familiar, very smiling. Convenient for Genoa, close to the motorway but not too much to risk becoming more famous than it is, simple enough to be sure not to give up its entire identity to the tourist chaos. In the middle between Santa Margherita and Manarola, between Portofino and Riomaggiore. Far enough away to avoid its excesses, close enough to learn its secrets.

Deiva Marina, for its position, and above all for its very popular equipped beach, is - to sum it up in one sentence - an excellent base for a holiday on the eastern Ligurian Riviera, equidistant from the towns of Tigullio and the Gulf of Poets. . but with the advantage of being on a beautiful and wide beach.

The deivesi, then, they too know that they are not the Cinque Terre and they go on as they know how to do, giving us little importance. Result, Deiva Marina is one of those places that you try them a little by chance, and in the end it becomes that you end up marrying them for life.