Noli speaks to the ancient heart of Liguria. At the same time, Noli says beautiful things to the soul of modern man. And kill as we need a good word, immersed in the daily nightmare of the 1920s, where the emergency is continuous: pandemic, climatic, existential. Noli, with a weekend in front of the sea, anchovies in the bag bought at the pier from the mustachioed fisherman, and the luxury of being in a village that combines history and culture with the pleasure of the sea and relaxation, always manages to put everything in place.

What you can experience in Noli is an experience that in Liguria is rare to find elsewhere, perhaps only in Portovenere, on the opposite Riviera di Levante. Riviera that here becomes inaccessible, dizzying over the sea, dramatic and even literary. So much so that it struck Dante's imagination, it was impossible not to mention it."Vassi in Sanleo and descended in Noli" wrote the great poet in the Divine Comedy."But here it is convenient for om to fly": here it is better to fly, to climb the steep walls of Purgatory. It also happens to us today: how we rise in spirit, every time we round Capo Noli to land in this Savona Republic of well-being!

Noli Liguria

We wrote this page on Noli to tell you all this and much more. We will take a virtual walk on its beach, we will propose our list of hotels that you can book immediately, and then we will find out what to see, even in its surroundings, how it feels to live here, without forgetting a quick look at the weather and what to see in the hinterland of Spotorno.

The maritime republic of Noli

The four Maritime Republics are known: Genoa, Amalfi, Pisa, Venice. But few know that there was a fifth, or almost. Noli in Liguria, in fact, was part of the small group, but with a limitation. It was never officially recognized, for a simple reason that goes round and round always touches your wallet: here we didn't issue our own currency. Noli, Guelph like Genoa, relied on its protection and its economy, obtaining advantages by playing the role of realsentinel guarding the west, positioning himself against the Ghibelline powers of Finale and Savona.

Noli, the fifth Maritime Republic, also holds a little pride : it was the last, in chronological order, to be left standing, the last to capitulate to the Napoleonic wave in 1797 which swept away what still remained of medieval Italy. It surrendered about three months after the fall of Genoa, and was annexed, before the sacred flames of the Risorgimento, to transalpine politics.

Hotel rates

Need to find a hotel in Noli? We are here for you.

The choice of where to sleep in Noli is vast and opens up to numerous possibilities. In fact, not only can you lean on nearby Spotorno, where the range of offers is greatly expanded, but you can also focus on the hinterland, where, especially in the Manie plateau, there are many b & bs, even with swimming pools, villas and rustic farmhouse with breakfast. Not to mention that in Noli there are also new generation campsites, with mobile homes, glamping, and many other amenities.

To answer the question of when it is better to look for where to stay in Noli, it is easy to say. Especially on weekends, it is important to move in advance, because the town is small and always in great demand. There are also many second homes and this contributes to making the offer of short-stay accommodations, as the Anglophiles call them, even more narrow.

This is Liguria has selected for you a collection of the best hotels in Noli by the sea, with half board, for value for money, in the ancient village but also around Capo Noli. Good hunting for the hotel in Noli then: and for any doubts, or advice before booking, do not hesitate to contact us in chat for advice, or a special request

The beach of Noli

Divided into a large section of free beach, alternating with equipped bathrooms and also equipped with a small beach for dogs, the sea of Noli it is unique in the western Ligurian Riviera in terms of color and clarity. So unique that it will not take much, perhaps just one morning spent next to its shore, on a calm day kissed by the light breeze, as often happens, to get the famous cricket on your head. Release all moorings, move and come and live in Noli. Oh, if we have often thought about it, we confess .. but then the hidden beauty of Genoa and the firmness of our roots and our other love for Greece they have always put a stop to these sinful thoughts. :)

Noli spiaggia

Free beach rentals

The most important free beach in Noli is the fishermen's beach , which is located exactly in the central area of the seafront. Its name says it all: the protagnos of this beach are in fact the leudi of the Noli fishermen, the colorful fishing nets, the buckets that smell of the sea, the lines abandoned on the concrete, and the bins with the baits that rest on the sand.

The beach of the fishermen of Noli is very large and extensive due to the fees and the always restricted spaces of our Liguria, and is a real sandy beach in all respects at the back, while the shore is made of pebbles and beautiful multicolored pebbles.

This free beach in Noli, equipped with toilet and shower, has a terrifying water color, always clean and always inviting. Advice - which concerns the entire Nola coast - is best experienced in the morning, because the sun tends to disappear behind the surrounding hills rather early, even in August. Arriving in the morning is then an obligation not only to find the best place, but also to see the fishermen return, usually before 8, and to buy the catch of the day for a sea lunch which to say at km0 will be too little!

Then there is a second, smaller, free beach in Noli, and this too deserves a lot, in spite of the harder shoreline and strewn with stones that recommend rock shoes to enter the water. Despite this, it is a comfortable and quiet place, well attended, where you can relax and sunbathe properly. Always with shower and kiosk within easy reach so as not to miss anything.e.

Noli bagni

Rental of bathing establishments

The seafront of Noli is occupied for a good surface by the free beach, but there is certainly no shortage of bathing establishments. There are all kinds of them, from the hyper-traditional family-run ones, to the youthful ones who also push on the kitchen and go out of their way to invent new activities and entertain customers and spoil them as if we were in the center of Milan. In order of appearance, walking along the seafront starting from the Genoa side, the bathing establishments of Noli are the following:

  • Mediterranean Baths
  • Nirvana baths
  • Florida baths
  • Baianita baths
  • Lido baths
  • Vittoria Baths
  • Beach of the mothers pie institute
  • La Palma baths
  • Ondina bathrooms
  • Letizia baths
  • Cala Ziggurmare

Beach rentals for dogs

In the end, there is a beach for dogs in Noli . It is located at the end of the village, just beyond the Divenjoy diving center. It is a clean and well-kept pebble beach, which could be improved from the point of view of signage and water supply for dogs, but which is nevertheless more than appreciated for the clear and bathing sea, even by those who has no pets in tow. As always in these cases, however, there is always the difficulty of coexistence between furry pets, owners, and all the others ... we recommend each other!o!

It does not end, however: after the town, the Aurelia continues, crosses the cliff of Capo Noli, and the sea of Noli is enriched by the magic of Malpasso, the Baia dei Saraceni, and the phantasmagoric beach of Varigotti.

What to see in Noli

A walk through the alleys of Noli is to immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and not just because there is a sign that reminds you of it at the beginning of the village. Noli is a small corner of Tuscany in Liguria, which could be San Gemignano or Montalcino, but with the sea instead of the vineyards and the closed character of the Ligurians instead of the hilarious Tuscan spontaneity.

Noli centro storico

We were saying that Noli was a Maritime Republic and it is easy to notice it, already from the noble elevation of facades on the seafront, of crenellated towers and gothic profile windows, and the arcades that many recall those of Sottoripa in Genoa.

Noli historic center

But what you do not expect is that Noli is the village of the Towers, which has always been a symbol of wealth and architectural expression of power. The towers of Noli really give aintrigue particular to the visit of the former maritime republic. A tip for lovers of hers Old Town: do not miss to visit Verezzi in Borgio Verezzi too, to relive this journey in the time machine through the wonders of the Middle Ages on an even more delicate scale.

  • There Town Hall Tower , which dates back to 1200, is the symbol of Noli, and one of the most photographed places of interest ever. It is the city clock tower, and is splendid with its perfectly preserved Ghibelline battlements.
  • As famous as the previous one, the Torre del Papone is another of the unmissable things to see in Noli. Main feature, a bridge on its back that connects it to the walls that rise on the side of the mountain up to the Orsino Castle.
  • What to see in Noli certainly includes the Canto Tower , the highest in the village, which more than all the others catapults us into the Middle Ages in a single glance, and also dates back to 1200. The name is interesting because it comes from four cantos, that is, from the fact that it was built right in the middle of the Nolese historic center.e.
  • Loggia of the Nolese Republic , splendid with its stone arches, and the pavement that incorporates the coat of arms of the Republic. A lodge that lets your imagination fly and where the importance of the past is seriously felt.
  • There Church of San Paragorio it is absolutely not to be missed, and indeed we recommend visiting it with the association's volunteers who take guided tours every Saturday morning. It is an ancient Romanesque church, formerly a temple of early Christian worship, an Italian national monument since 1890. You can find it just outside the historic center of the town, beyond the ancient bridge, right in front of the seafront. It is not very big and is quick to visit, but it will greatly increase your knowledge of the places of interest in the area.
  • Right in the heart of the historic center of Noli is the Con-cathedral of San Pietro , which is worth visiting to appreciate the Baroque and the works of art it contains.
  • Oratory of Sant’Anna , a church that is striking for the value of its stuccos, and the two large crucifixes.
  • The Monte Ursino Castle ,erected by the most important noble family of the republic, the Del Carretto, is one of the most classic attractions to see in Noli. It is located just above the town, along the road to Le Manie, and is connected to the historic center of Nolese by still well-preserved walls. The castle of Monte Ursino can be visited on all weekends and literally master the horizon.

Noli Chiesa di San Paragorio

We know the hinterland of Noli

"Not very high and not very flat" plateau,  The Manie it is a place of the heart for many in Liguria, and is the hub of the hinterland of Noli. It can be reached by taking the road that turns straight to the right at the very beginning of the town, immediately after the tunnel. It is located about 300 meters above the sea, and is full of walks, trekking and excursions for all types of people.

Le Manie di Noli is a place full of farmhouses and bed and breakfasts, old-fashioned taverns and scenic wedding locations. But also ideal for a Sunday in the open air: there are paths for the whole family, mule tracks perfect for trail running at sunset, roads for cycling training. The panorama from Manie di Noli often opens onto the Saracen bay below ... and allows you to visit places of interest of value such as the Witches Tower or the curious "Australian mausoleum", stages and places of interest of une of the most suggestive paths of Liguria, which starts from Noli, that is  the path known as the "Pellegrino" .

In the surroundings of Noli, there is a prettier hamlet among others: Voze. It is located along the road to Le Manie, halfway up the hill, and deserves a quick jump, and a coffee before returning to Dante's Aurelia circle, which always takes a lot of courage to face it.

How to get to Noli

Getting to Noli it's very easy. If anything, it is much more difficult to stop there, given the age-old problem of parking, which on key days is impossible or almost impossible to find. We will talk about it shortly.

For now we just need to know that whatever it is the best way to get to Noli is to come by car, using the legendary autofiori, the A10 motorway, exiting at the Spotorno toll booth. From here it is only 4.5 km to go first all downhill, then past the roundabout in the center of Spotorno itself, on the Aurelia (SS1) until you reach the artificial tunnel that catapults us onto the Noli seafront, next to its walls and to its historic center.

You can of course also plan to get to Noli by train. In this case the reference station will always be that of Spotorno, called Spotorno / Noli. Here mostly regional and fast regional trains stop, a change in Savona or even better in Finale Ligure, the next station where all the trains stop, can happen.

From Finale Ligure to Noli, continuing towards Spotorno, Bergeggi, Vado Ligure, Savona then travels the local bus 40 crossed out, which has very high frequencies!

Parking rates

To find parking in Noli it is very difficult! It takes patience, luck, method and determination to arrive early. The municipal administration provides flat rates for residents and discounts for guests of accommodation facilities, but in general the price is 2 per hour. There are no free stalls in the village, not even in winter. Do not exclude continuing beyond the historic center to Voze, and then get off by bus, or on foot, at least on the way out..

Otherwise,  as a good solution on where to park in Noli, there is the large parking lot in Vado Ligure. From here, continue on the bus line 40, which we mentioned above, in the paragraph dedicated to how to get to Noli.

Weather freights

Here is the weather forecast in Noli for the next 7 days.

NOLI 7 day forecast

The views of Andrea and Katerina

Noli is impossible to avoid on a trip to Liguria. Noli is deeply inside that mysterious white rabbit hole that is our region, which you can only discover by putting your nose inside, because we are usually not good at making good publicity.

Noli stimulates the imagination from all sides: first it makes you imagine the sea, the blue, the waves caressing your feet on the wet pebbles of the shoreline. Then it satisfies your soul and makes you dream of the Caribbean sea while being a stone's throw from the Po Valley. Finally, he tries to transfer us to work in smart working in sarongs and undershirts, or to study history, which without our past, we will be naked in front of the future.

We are sorry for Noli that passes too often under the radar, as overshadowed by the world fame of the Cinque Terre or Portofino and almost obscured by the beautiful crystalline and Maldivian sea that surrounds it from every side, from Bergeggi in Finale Ligure. A beach holiday in Noli is in fact going straight to the center of a magnificent coast , with the possibility of experiencing different adventures every day, even without taking the car, perhaps by bicycle. One day at Lido delle Sirene, the next day at Malpasso beach ...

And so if today's Noli is above all this, a fairytale sea, all in a few kilometers, almost unbelievable, we refuse to think of it only as a seaside dimension. In Noli, life is a fantasy of ships, pirate sailing ships, galleys of admirals, and raids by Saracens. A fight that teaches us not to give up, and inspires us in the curiosity to travel again.