Varigotti, where Liguria becomes cubist

Varigotti is the perfect representation of Ligurian minimalism. The one in which our region does best, which is to go straight to the heart of things. That in a place like this means experiencing the sea and everything around it, in the most Mediterranean way possible.


Today we will go and find out what is beautiful in Varigotti, its free beach, the equipped one and the Baia dei Saraceni, and we will help you book its best seaside hotels, houses and b & bs directly on our website with our assistance. We will take a look at the weather for the next few days and understand how to get there by train, car or bus. Enjoy the reading!

You say Varigotti and many think first of the beach than of the town, also because the village is not common: it is a simple fraction of Finale Ligure. But a dedicated Varigotti page certainly deserves it, because it is an important place in the Ligurian imagination, one that runs in word of mouth, in advice to friends, the one you recommend when you want to make a good impression, just like Bergeggi. Varigotti has won the hearts of many. It is a place of regulars, old amateurs who have been around for a lifetime, families who get into their car as soon as they can and reach it with the emotion and the lump in their throats of happiness as soon as they turn off the engine. People who are willing to pay for a second home even 10 thousand euros per square meter and more, because these are the evaluations for buying a property in Varigotti.

Perhaps all this happens because Varigotti is a sea more sea than what can be found elsewhere in Liguria, there is little space between the water and the mountains and everything is as busy as it should be: there is no room for the superfluous. Varigotti, and we don't even know how he does it, manages to smooth out the imperfections of tourism. It makes unnecessary excesses disappear and dispenses only the right part, made up of accommodations with the beach as a bedside rug, a sea of other times, when we were more human and less technologized.i.

Varigotti bici bike

Varigotti hotel

We enjoyed, and fell in love at the same time, in proposing accommodation where to sleep in Varigotti that you will find on our site. We have selected bed and breakfasts, residences and holiday homes by the sea that like us never made us want to vacation, turn off the computer, and take a dip in the turquoise sea of Varigotti. Do not hesitate to contact us in chat for advice and personalized assistance!

Varigotti beach

There Varigotti beach it is exceptional! And it has a much more famous close relative, the Bay of Silence of Sestri Levante. Like her, it is characterized by a row of colorful fishermen's houses that pop out directly from the sand. Like her, it has a crystalline sea that shimmers in every shade of blue. So much so that sometimes you think and say, okay I traveled to distant countries, took planes and looked for the beaches of the other world .. then around the corner there is Varigotti, which I went around to do?


In short, Varigotti beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Liguria. The shoreline is mainly made of pebbles of various thicknesses, always very pleasant to lay the towel. There are organized establishments, always alternating with stretches of free beach, but never too narrow, equipped with fountains for water, and free showers. Varigotti is a beach suitable for children and adults. The old village, and the nearby promenade then, are full of restaurants, minimarkets and small shops, making the whole location even more unforgettable.

The free beach of Varigotti

At the free beach of Varigotti you can access several points of the seafront of this Saracen village, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the pier and the fishermen's square. A beach where the gaze constantly moves between the colorful houses and the horizon and the palm trees that shade the Aurelia. There are free accesses almost to the border with Finale, so you can always choose with great freedom where to place the towel, depending on how busy the day is!

The bathing establishments of Varigotti are:

  • New bathrooms
  • Bagni Nunzia
  • Bagni La Giara
  • Bagni al Saraceno
  • Albatros baths
  • Gallo baths
  • Equipped beach 20Riviera
  • Conchiglia d’oro baths
  • Lido Moderno
  • Nik Beach Club baths
  • Mariella Baths
  • Clara baths
  • Valentino bathrooms
  • Liliana baths
  • Caribe Beach

There Varigotti dog beach it is located practically at the beginning of the promenade, in the 20Riviera establishment, which is actually a free equipped beach. That is, with free admission, but with the possibility of renting sunbeds, umbrellas, and many other services. Here you will always have a bowl available, a hand shower to rinse the furry ones, and bags to collect the needs so as to always keep clean. All this, needless to say, without sacrificing the beauty of the incredible sea of Varigotti!

Punta Crena

Finally, speaking of the beaches of Varigotti, one cannot fail to find the famous quote Punta Crena , a real treat for enthusiasts. It reminds us very much of Tsigrado, one of our favorites Milos beaches, in Greece, because as for her, the only way to access it that is not from the sea, and therefore by kayak or pedal boat, is via a fixed rope that helps to descend the cliffs overlooking the sea. You need to know how to move around the environment and it will not be easy to reach it with bags and umbrella, much less with small children in tow. Nonetheless, it's worth it.

Punta Crena, with its sand of fresh and smooth pebbles, the blue sea hidden under an impressive cliff, is one of the great attractions of Varigotti. Furthermore, historically Punta Crena is a beach loved by nudists, and also popular with the gay community.

Varigotti what to see

The ancient village of Varigotti suddenly appears, at the end of a tunnel on the Aurelia. It is small, collected,  unique in its almost Picasso architecture, cubic, which seems to come out of the Cyclades islands and instead it is very colorful like a Cezanne canvas. We walk through Varigotti between a few and sparse alleys, bare palm trees that smell of African, Moroccan evenings, but which go out in a cold creuza of Genoese bricks that leads where in the end you have to go, in Fishermen's Square which is the beautiful and very aperitif prelude to the Piazza del Mare.e.

Varigotti cosa vedere

There Square of the sea it is the most romantic and photographed place in Varigotti. It goes without saying that the best time to visit it is sunset, and look up to look for the Loano marina. There is a nice tiled wall to sit on, a large anchor that makes a fine show of itself, and everything is enclosed, as protected, by the Saracen watchtower on the promontory that hides the beach of Punta Crena.

Via del Capo it is the main pedestrian street of Varigotti, it is quite wide and pleasant. The Varigotti promenade, right along the Aurelia, is all a succession of palm trees and kiosks, games for children and benches. It is a perfect straight line of about 1 km, which then continues further, offering new parking solutions, up to the beach of Selva and the port of Finale Ligure.

To fully understand this location, however, you have to get on Saracen tower , essential attraction of what to see in Varigotti. It is accessed via two paths, one beautiful and well traced and the other left to go between brambles and plants grown out of control, at the two opposites of the village tunnel. The Tower, on which it is hoped that some maintenance work will be carried out, allows a crazy and unforgettable view over the entire bay of the Saracens, Noli, Finale, perfect at all hours of the day, but even better in the magical moments of sunrise and sunset. It can be climbed via steep stairs, for a total of two floors, at the top of which the sensation of flying over the beach below will be priceless.

Varigotti how to get there

For  get to Varigotti in machine one must necessarily travel a stretch of Aurelia. First, you will have to take the A10 motorway and exit, perhaps depending on traffic conditions, in Spotorno (the first useful exit that you meet coming from Genoa, 8 km from Varigotti) or Finale Ligure (the one immediately following, 10 km from Varigotti).

Varigotti come arrivare

You can even get to Varigotti by train , but only using the bus for the final stretch, since Varigotti has no station. The stops to use are the same: Spotorno / Noli and Finale Ligure. In the latter, more trains stop, even faster ones, and it has much more direct connections with Milan, Turin and Genoa than Spotorno / Noli, where they stop almost exclusively regional and fast regional ones.

Once you get off the convoy, you will have to reach Varigotti by bus , with the line 40 barred, which runs on the Finale Ligure Savona route and vice versa..

Varigotti parking

To find parking in Varigotti , on the wrong day, it can turn out to be a nightmare. A few times, we had to continue to Pietra Ligure to find a hole to put down the car! There are some solutions in the center, such as the municipal stalls in Strada degli Ulivi, just behind the seafront, but definitely insufficient for demand. The most convenient parking in Varigotti is the one located in Piazza della Sole, while something else should be able to be found in Strada Vecchia.

Moving a little away from the town center, however, a good place to park in Varigotti is along the Aurelia towards Finale Ligure, as campers love to do, or choose the paid parking in the Baia dei Saraceni, beyond the tunnel towards Noli. . Here the daily cost is 15: acceptable by the..

In general, remember, it is always a good idea to move around Varigotti by alternative means such as bus or bicycle, perhaps renting it through our bike rental in Finale Ligure.

Varigotti weather

Here is the weather forecast in Varigotti for the next 7 days.
VARIGOTTI forecasts 7 days

The views of Andrea and Katerina

The charm of Varigotti is that of a postcard that you find in the drawer and floods you with melancholy. And in fact it will not be a coincidence that Varigotti will be beautiful in summer but it is in winter that you have to live it to really understand what it is made of. Lonely, deserted in the storm, with those plastic chairs and the foam of the waves that chase each other, but never touch. Maybe a sunny Sunday in February, just after sunset, with the rays of fire that light up the silver of the sea, and melt it in your heart.