Who we are

This is Liguria. Easier than that! Our mission is banal but at the same time demanding: to pay homage to our region, so close between sea and mountains that it is bursting with things to see and adventures to be experienced. And tell it, and make it known, to those who don't know it yet. Or to intrigue again those who, in Genoa and its surroundings, are at home. Yes, because the nuances of this territory are infinite. They say we are the sea of Lombardy, Switzerland and Piedmont. They say we are stingy and grumpy like the storm surges that whip us in the face. They say that when you are hungry, sin, you are late, the rice cake is already finished. It will be so truly We do not think it..

This is Liguria, by its nature, does not want to be the usual travel guide you find online. A collection of content to click, perhaps written by someone who is in Milan, Rome, or who knows where, and maybe doesn't even know that the real trenette with pesto must have green beans and potatoes, otherwise we'll talk to do. We are not, we are a real face and we are here: this site is written, conceived and lived in Genoa, by people from Genoa, who accidentally love Greece but they have never betrayed the love for the land that brought them into the world. To tell about our seaside and inland villages, we got into the car, or train or bicycle, and we queued on the A12 and suffered the sea trains on Sunday, always late but overflowing with life, of boys, and of laughter.

This is Liguria is the best website on Liguria, to get to know it before leaving but not only, especially to book it, because there is no information without consequent action. On This is Liguria you can book the best holiday homes, the best hotels, b & bs chosen in person. Not everyone will be there, but only our selection, the ones where we would sleep, the ones where we would like our best friends to stay. We want to be a supermarket where you can put in your cart the most beautiful things that can happen beyond the Apennines. You can book services, transfers, boat trips, holiday packages between the west and east rivieras. But also to rent bicycles and scooters to move among the fantastic cycle paths that if you haven't discovered them yet, you have no idea what you missed.

This is Liguria is currently under construction and will be fully operational along the way. It's a journey, a way of life and being. A message for owners and managers of structures and activities: if you are interested in growing with us, and would like more information on how to contribute to the project, you can write to giacomo.c@thisisliguria.com. We are Ligurian and we live in the times of the covid: there are no fixed or initial costs for collaboration! Finally, for any other topic, you can write to andrea.p@thisisliguria.com