Spotorno is breathing the sea

Spotorno is, in a nutshell, one of the most beautiful corners of Liguria. One of those that makes the province of Savona incredibly fantastic, with that string of sea pearls that starts from Bergeggi and reaches at least as far as Loano, where sandy beaches are interspersed with coves.

Together with the Cinque Terre, it is one of the corners of the region that everyone should see, at least once in their lifetime. It is not that we like having children and stepchildren, but it cannot be denied that some places have an edge: Spotorno definitely belongs fully to this category.

Spotorno is located between Savona and Imperia, next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria, the Baia dei Saraceni. It is a village as beautiful in summer as it is in winter, relaxed enough, lively as needed. In Spotorno you can breathe a sincere Liguria, and whoever comes here will soon discover who we really are.

How to get to Spotorno

For get to Spotorno all the classic options necessary to reach the Riviera di Ponente are worthwhile, in their dual soul, blessed for the proximity to all the most important cities of northern Italy and Switzerland, cursed for the same reason, too easy and too desired, and therefore crowds , queue, rumba for parking. Even with the coronavirus.

  • For get to Spotorno by car, you must use the A10 motorway, the motorway of flowers. There is a dedicated exit, one of the first to meet after Savona. From Turin we start with the A6, from Milan depending on the area, A26 or A7. The same exit, of course, also for all those arriving from Ventimiglia and France.
  • The treno is the other classic way to get to Spotorno. However, unlike other more prominent locations in the area, it is not a stop for all long-distance intercity buses. In fact, there are not many direct races to Spotorno from Milan, more from Turin with the interregional ones coming down from Fossano Savona. For Genoa there are some inter-regional options, but for those in a hurry, it is better to take one of the faster trains and get off at Finale or Savona, and continue by bus.s.
  • The third way to get to Spotorno is to take a bus. Especially in season, there are races for both Milan and Turin.

What to see in Spotorno

In Spotorno, of course, people come for the sea, and its biggest attraction is the fantastic beach of fine sand right in front of it. But there are some attractions, the most important of which is certainlyFreight rates, its twin village, so much so that they are often called together and that Spotorno Noli is also found on the FS tables. We will talk about her on the dedicated page. But what to see then in Spotorno, perhaps without even taking off your costumeme?

  • The caruggio of the historic center
  • The bishop's castle
  • The Oratory of Santissima Annunziata
  • The Saracen tower
  • The soft profile of Monte Mao, destination for a walk for an exceptional view.
  • The Bay of the Saracens
  • The beach and the island of Bergeggi
  • The nearby Finalborgo
  • Savona is just a few steps away. Do not miss the opportunity for an evening and a dinner in the beautiful and renovated dock

Spotorno beach

Spotorno beach is spectacular. A long coastline of soft sand, more than two kilometers long, closed off the cliffs of Capo Noli on one side, and the first offshoots of Finale Ligure on the other. It is a beach that is perfect for lovers of bathing establishments, concentrated for the most part next to the seafront, as for the theorists of free beaches. The fact that he is a regular guest of the Blue Flag award is a testament to the work done by the local administration. But not only that, the Spotorno beach boasts the Lilac flag for facilities for the disabled, and the green one for green attention to the environment. The Spotorno sea is clean, turquoise and crystalline..

What to do in Spotorno

Spotorno is at the center of a very active land, by definition. The locals are used to doing, having fun, using their territory to create value and attachment. Here, the outdoors is not a marketing concept, it is a lifestyle. In this part of the Riviera di Ponente, as perhaps nowhere else, sports are practiced, at all levels. We play sports, we run. You snorkel, you climb the cliffs. You do SUP, you do trail running. Not to mention cycling: get to Spotorno ande Varigotti it is a classic of the Sunday long course for Genoese amateur cyclists, who arriving up here along the Aurelia have the 100 km of ritual at their disposal. Then oh well, there are also other less conventional sports to do in Spotorno. Such as eating in a thousand restaurants, sunbathing, puccetta in the water, or competitions for those who sleep the most in the morning! Seriously, Spotorno and its surroundings know exactly who we are and allow us to do what we like to do.are.

Spotorno hotels

Therefore, booking a hotel in Spotorno is always a good idea. Next to the seafront there are the more classic hotels that work in symbiosis with the bathing establishments and which will be ideal for a certain type of more mature and habitual clientele. But then the options are really many. There are many b & bs in the ancient heart of the town, but also holiday homes in the hills behind, perfect for a romantic weekend for two as well as for a little escape from the routine for the whole family.

Spotorno for couples

Spotorno is a perfect destination for couples. It won't make him or her bored. It has romantic corners, stunning views, and even the possibility of slightly more secluded beaches such as the magnificent Punta crena in Varigotti. It's fine for a day trip by motorbike, for a Sunday by the sea. Spotorno is perfect for young couples, who can also arrive from Genoa by train or scooter. And mature couples will love its simple and Ligurian composure.

Spotorno for families

Spotorno, with its long and sandy beach, is a beautiful destination for families. Its bathing establishments have seen generations of Italian children grow up, pasta under the sun and bucket and costume. Even families with teenage children will find themselves well in Spotorno, including a trip to Finalborgo, a day at the Caravelle, a pedal boat excursion to Bergeggi. And anyway, our ideas were not enough, it is the sand that guarantees, and the soft shore to enter the water.

The views of Andrea and Katerina

Spotorno is a place of the heart, therefore, for Andrea and Katerina. It is for some reasons, some stupid, some useful. In Spotorno Katerina ran her best race before running before joining the maternity club, but above all she thinks her beach is one of the most pleasant in the whole Savona area of the Riviera di Ponente. And then, the combo with a walk in the alleys of Noli is always a guarantee. Andrea loves Spotorno for the same things and some others. He likes the scenery. The penorama and the view of the islet of Bergeggi are unique, something that refers to Greece and which is missing elsewhere in Liguria. And then Spotorno is full of Piedmontese and Turinese, and friends and university years come to mind. Positive opinion in everything, therefore for Spotorno. He is also forgiven some 60s building too many.