Cavi di Lavagna

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Cavi di Lavagna is a beach, squeezed between Lavagna and Sestri Levante, truly mythical in our imagination. It is the first idea that usually comes to mind when we have half a day free to dedicate to the sea. "Come on, let's go to Cavi", and you're sure not to make a mistake. Whoever leaves the old new road is said to be deceived. This does not happen to Cavi. There is the usual routine. Same beach, same sea. Friends, soccer. The jog along the promenade, the queue on the A12 highway in the evening to return.

Cavi di Lavagna

Today we will go to discover Cavi di Lavagna and its beach, baths and bathing establishments. We will see what to do and what the sea is like, parking and how to get to the station. At the same time we will help you book hotels, lodges and b & bs with all our assistance. Enjoy the reading!

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The Cavi di Lavagna beach it is the continuation of the free beach of Lavagna. It is a perfectly straight coastline over 1 km long, where the railway runs next to the Aurelia and divides the pedestrianized Labonia waterfront from the row of parking lots. If on the one hand this requires the inconvenience of accessing the sea through scary underpasses, dark and narrow under the railway grounds, on the other hand it greatly relaxes the feeling of a volra that you are on the seafront. There is no traffic nearby, children can run and play free, there is no comeback of scooters and parking disputes.o.

Then we went down to the beach, we will find ourselves in front of a very beautiful sea. A sandy beach that gradually gets closer to the shore becomes more stony and pebbly, and whose bottom slopes down very quickly: two or three steps, and we are ready to swim. There is never a shortage of showers, always free, and even in the free bits there is always a bar for a snack or a drink within reach of flip-flops. There free beach of Cavi di Lavagna it is also very popular with locals, Genoese, and not just tourists: it can therefore be very crowded, especially on Sundays. It is also one of the first large free beaches that meet from the Tigullio. Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Chiavari itself have little beach. And so we all find ourselves in Cavi.i.

Even if it's so popular, don't worry. Being so long, the Cavi di Lavagna beach has room for everyone, also because it is well divided between free and equipped sections, interspersed with each other and at regular distances. Scrolling along the seafront starting from the Sestri Levante side, towards Genoa, these are the  bathing establishments of Cavi di Lavagna .

  • Swan baths
  • La Goletta beach
  • Giovanni Sea Side baths
  • Bagni Annamaria
  • Mignon Beach
  • Marinella baths
  • Lido delle Sirene baths
  • Aurelia baths
  • Nautical Baths
  • Free beach
  • Stella baths
  • Bathrooms Milan
  • Stelmilit baths
  • Astoria baths
  • Aldebaran Baths
  • Bagni Nini
  • Sol Levante Beach Club
  • Serenella baths
  • Bath The Beluga
  • Tiffany baths
  • Ziki Paki

The Cavi di Lavagna dog beach is located towards the end of the Labonia seafront, it is small, not equipped but equipped with a shower and a water hose. It is found sheltered behind a breakwater "brush", which protects from the most challenging waves and slightly isolates it from the context and from the "standard" swimmers. Despite the small size, it is still a good place to spend time with your four-legged friend, and let him do some nice dives in company!

Lavagna di Cavi

What to see in Cavi di Lavagna

At Cavi di Lavagna, there is not much else to do except for sunbathing and relaxing . In Cavi there is not even a historic center, but just two pedestrian alleys around the station with those two or three shops that you need to take home the day.

However, to see in Cavi di Lavagna there is the Tigullio park , a green area of an old cotton mill. It houses a historic villa, the municipal swimming pools, some tennis courts, and there is a nice playground for children who can also celebrate birthdays with their friends in the party area.

Not far away, then, is the skate plate , always frequented by the boys of the area.

However, the most beautiful view of Cavi di Lavagna can be enjoyed from above: and for this reason there is nothing better than reaching the Church of Santa Giulia , in the hilly hamlet of the same name and which can be clearly seen from the beach. From the parish of Santa Giulia the gaze flies over the Bay of Fables, Punta Manara which hides Riva Trigoso behind it, and the whole Entella plain, half occupied by Chiavari, half by Lavagna. With a little extra time available, we recommend that you reach it on foot, along a stretch of the via dell'ardesia , an ancient paved path that climbs through the olive groves, and which in harvesting season will be truly wonderful to walk.

Cavi di Lavagna how to get there

The train is a fantastic medium for get to Cavi di Lavagna . There is the PROPRIO station on the beach, which you want more In Cavi not all trains stop, but only the regional ones, obviously with a higher frequency during summer time. It is very close to the Lavagna station, but to find stations served directly by large cities such as Milan, Turin or Pisa, you have to move slightly away and choose a train to Sestri Levante or Chiavari, and then move either with a local AMT bus or with a new regional train..

Cavi di Lavagna stazione

There Cavi di Lavagna station it is also served by the local public transport bus managed by AMT Genova. There are many lines that pass through Cavi, so we just publish with all the possible options directly on the site of the company.

For  get to Cavi di Lavagna by car instead, just take the A12 motorway and exit at Lavagna, reach the center and then follow the signs for Sestri Levante.

If desired, from the Cavi di Lavagna station you can reach the main one in Lavagna, and its historic center, directly on foot.

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The views of Andrea and Katerina

Cavi di Lavagna is the Ligurian sea that never makes us want to be elsewhere. Warm and friendly, luxurious in its colors, simple in its essentiality. Sand, pebbles, and a good swim. The option of stopping in Lavagna for a pizza take a trip to Chiavari for shops. A sea of olive trees behind you and the feeling of being in the Cinque Terre in half an hour from home. Cavi di Lavagna is like living on vacation in the 60s, which we young people did not experience but we feel in our hearts to regret. Cavi di Lavagna puts us at peace with the Italian summer. A sandwich at the bar freshly prepared, omelette and fillings, Ceres beer and be careful to take a bath immediately after eating that you make indigestion. It may not appeal to everyone..