Cogoleto, industry holidaymaker

Cogoleto marks the border of the province of Genoa on the Riviera di Ponente: just like Moneglia on the opposite side. Cogoleto, however, is different, it does not resemble it, it is not so interested in tourism development. Its present soul is residential: an integral part of the urban fabric of the genoese port that right here, - and in Arenzano - abandon the easements of trucks, chemical warehouses and logistics, to rediscover the true maritime dimension that is typically Ligurian. The one that brings you the holiday in the city, the walk along the seafront in everyday life and thepuccetta at sea after office or work shift.


Today we are going to get to know Cogoleto better to help you understand if Liguria is right for you! We will take virtual baths on its beach, book hotels, b & bs and holiday homes for rent together and discover what to see and where to do tourism in the Beigua park.

Cogoleto beach

There Cogoleto beach it is very long, indeed the longest in the Genoese west: about 3 km measuring it from the Gambino sports park to the last free beach on the Europa seafront, before entering the town of Varazze. Such a large beach obviously could not fail to be divided into several "sections", with patches of free beach alternating with sections equipped with bathing establishments.

Cogoleto spiaggia

Our favorite part of the Cogoleto beach is the initial one, on the Arenzano side, right next to the Aurelia and the seafront, on the long straight that leads to the center. Here the beach is mostly free, almost never crowded, and the sea is clean and beautifully colored. There is no sand except in the immediate shore, and the pebbles are of the classic dark color that you encounter so often when going to the sea near Genoa, but that's not a problem. Nor is it that it is not one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria, Varigotti or Laigueglia. Coming to the sea in Cogoleto is simple: a guarantee of serenity and peace, and that's it.

In this stretch of the Govi seafront, the establishments are few and they are:

  • Thelma Beach
  • Calabasciù
  • Baths Le vele
  • Baraonde Beach

In front of the city center, the beach of Cogoleto is full of bathrooms and bathing establishments , many of them family-run, with a sea so sincere that it can be bitten. They are the following in order of appearance from Genoa.

  • Marinella baths
  • Bagni Lido Bar
  • Marisa baths
  • Aldebaran Baths
  • Central bathrooms
  • Smile bathrooms
  • Bagni Marechiaro

Beyond the Marechiaro baths there is finally a new stretch of free beach , messy, stony, inconspicuous, perhaps less inviting but always wide, easy, "ready to use", the best part of which is undoubtedly the extreme one, near Bagni Mauro, right where the seafront ends and becomes exclusively a cycle path .

Cogoleto where to sleep

Usually, it is not a common idea to look for a hotel in Cogoleto. Arenzano and Varazze next to it are two places that are much more popular than her when it comes to looking for accommodation in the area. However, given that Cogoleto is as strategic as they are in terms of position, and given the infinite potential of the territory, we wanted to propose a good  selection of apartments, holiday homes and hotels where to sleep in Cogoleto. You can book directly on our website and with all our chat assistance.

Cogoleto bici bike

Cogoleto what to see

Cogoleto is the middle stage of the Arenzano Varazze cycle path, an enthusiastic ride of 11 km that stretches along the disused route of the old railway to connect the three towns of the Genoese Riviera di Ponente. It is possible to travel on foot, as well as by bike, and by the way you can do it through us thanks to our bike rental in Cogoleto. The two "Cogoletese" extremes of the Arenzano Varazze cycle path are called Lungomare Europa (towards the latter) and Gilberto Govi if traveled towards Arenzano.zano.

There sea walk Gilberto Govi it is certainly one of the pride of Cogoleto. It is well maintained, clean, spacious, allowing you to cross pedestrians, runners and cyclists without problems.i.

THE gardens of Baden Powell they are a green space that deserves time, where you can slow down and take a bit of coolness just a stone's throw from the sea. There is a large lawn, where children can play and run at will and the necessary coolness.

Curious then, among the things to see in Cogoleto, is the Botanical garden of Villa Beuca , housed in a villa on a very large surface in the first hill of the country with rare and exotic species.

Finally, let's not forget to stop and see the Bianchi furnace, a real archaeological monument at work, recently restored and "cleaned". La Fornace Bianchi is among the most diverse things to see not only in Cogoleto but throughout Liguria and Italy: it is in fact the only one of its kind! It is an ancient kiln for the production of lime, built in 1800. It is located behind the station, very close to it, following via Onofrio Scassi Superiore. It can be visited internally on the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month, in the late afternoon.o.

Finally, famous among the insiders is the Sant’Anna golf course , in the hamlet of Lerca  A small village that introduces us to trekking and hiking, which has always been an important part of what to do in Cogoleto and which we will mention in the next paragraph.

Cogoleto lungomare

Cogoleto and the Beigua park

Cogoleto is one of the municipalities that make up the Beigua park, together with Varazze, Arenzano, Campo Ligure, Masone, Rossiglione, Sassello, Stella, Tiglieto, and Genoa itself. You enter it properly beyond the hamlet of Sciarborasca and then it will all be a fantastic walk. In the Beigua park there are an infinite number of possible excursions, peaks on which to climb such as Mount Rama and Mount Argentea, along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, towards the Pratorotondo refuge and the Passo del Faiallo. In Beigua there is a unique environment where you can climb, go for mushrooms, run trail running, and in winter, even go ski touring!

How to get to Cogoleto

For  get to Cogoleto in machine you have to take the A10 motorway, Autofiori, and exit atArenzano if arriving from Genoa, or Varazze from Savona. It doesn't get any harder than that, construction sites and queues aside. Both exits are quite close to the center of Cogoleto, a maximum of ten minutes from the junction.

For all one-day visits, or in any case for a short time, it is always a good idea to visit get to Cogoleto by train. The Cogoleto station is located right in the center, very convenient for the sea and for all the bathing establishments. It is not a stop for fast trains, arrows, and intercity trains. Only regional trains stop in Cogoleto, mostly on the Genoa-Savona line. Travel time: from Genoa P. Principe about 40 minutes, while only 19 minutes are needed to move between Cogoleto and Savona..

Cogoleto parking

To find parking in Cogoleto it is usually less of a problem than in other nearby locations. On the Varazze side, there is a good parking just before the cycle path, near the Bomboniera kiosk. Then, there are free parking areas towards the industrial area, more precisely in via Ettore Vernazza. There is usually no shortage of opportunities on the opposite side of the Govi seafront, the Arenzano side. Here there are, in addition to those on the Aurelia, numerous parking spaces near the sports field. Returning to the center, a good place to find parking in Cogoleto is in Piazzale Donegaro, which serves the Paladamonte and the Marco Sala athletics field.

Cogoleto come arrivare

Cogoleto weather

Here is the weather forecast in Cogoleto for the next 7 days.

COGOLETO forecasts 7 days

The views of Andrea and Katerina

Cogoleto, to understand it, you have to live it every day, it is not suitable for hit and run. It does not have a flashy, cheeky beauty. As in all Ligurian villages, originally it was fished. And the many boats and goiters parked on the beach that you meet right in the center, going down from the station to the sea, are still proof of fishing. Then, cast iron and chemical, hexavalent chromium were produced. It still breathes of its old industrial past, of the Stoppani stamped labels, of Tubi Ghisa, of Pratozanino. Now that Italy has alas deindustrialized itself, Cogoleto has however kept the soul of the industriousness of those glorious times. Down here we struggle, we do. We run for sports, play football, move back and forth to Prà and Sampierdarena for the port, go to the mountains on the trails, to Savona to study or to get married on the Priamar fortress.

Cogoleto seems to have given birth to Christopher Columbus . Stuff that not even all Genoese know, we are content to spend every day next to his house in the center of Piazza Dante.

The Cogoleto of today has been able to become above all a beautiful place to live, study, work, vacation, halfway between Genoa and Savona, very comfortable for both. It has been able to conserve the energy of its industrial past and transform it into apesto of palms and alleys colored and peeled by the sea breeze. Cogoleto combines the dream of the 1960s boom with the decadent and minimalist living of modern days.