Bonassola, there is only one!

Bonassola , more than a village in the eastern Ligurian revira, it is an idea, a lifestyle. Bonassola is one of those places that knows no middle ground, capable of changing your life. One of those that happen to us by chance, and you end up leaving the mooring and you end up buying us a house and moving forever. In our travels to Greece, this role plays Lipsi, a beautiful island that attracts you like a magnet, just like Bonassola.

Bonassola beach

On this page we will learn everything you need to know before visiting it. We will let you book its best hotels, b & bs and hotels, we will dive for a virtual swim in its sea and its beach, we will take a look at next week's weather, and we will understand what to see and do, and how to get there. Without forgetting to tell it in our own way, so as to try to convey the sensations and emotions we experienced by visiting it.

Bonassola is then a postcard Liguria, which makes you breathe the sea and leaves the salty explosion of focaccia in your mouth. It is so intensely imbued with Mediterranean scrub and reflections of the sea that it does not seem real, in its hills covered with holm oaks, olive trees, laurel, pines and junipers that mingle with the sea and with the silence of a country where there are no cars and no cars. is traffic.

Simply, the beauty of Bonassola is that there is little to say, or to describe. She does not want publicity, she would almost do without tourists, those who happen by chance getting off the train and on the way back home start on Real Estate to look for how much the houses cost in the area. There is not much to say about Bonassola, also because it lacks nothing, there is not something that is not right or that you would like to be different from what it already is.

In Bonassola there is a fairytale sea, crystalline, turquoise like the hat of the famous fairy. There is the sunset, for us one of the most beautiful in Liguria, and there are anchovies . There is the distancing, but not the synthetic one imposed by the authorities made of Plexiglas and mask, but the one that is measured in four slerfe of focaccia, as the oven of Marisa alla Curnea reminds us every morning, so the locals call their square .a.

Bonassola This is Liguria

Bonassola, then, is perfect for getting on a bicycle and taking a trip to the nearby Levanto (2.6 km) to find some life and movement thanks to the Maremonti cycle and pedestrian path. Perfect for a day at the beach, for a weekend in a romantic b & b, or a lifetime in a rented apartment, the enchanting Bonassola will not leave you with a bitter taste.

Bonassola sea and beach

The sea of Bonassola is unique! Clean, well maintained, still well experienced by fishing boats and goiters with a profile as elongated as a banana.

There Bonassola beach it is only one, but that's enough. From the green pebbles, colored like the houses of the village with which they seem to want to compete in a pigment competition, partly equipped and partly free, it immediately becomes deep and for once it is not a handicap, because it immediately allows us to swim in a special sea. There are bars and toilets, such as free showers. And then the mere fact of not having docking areas for boats or boats makes it much quieter for a lazy day at the sea and on the shore than nearby Levanto, and also the lack of continuous "romescio" of ferries helps to maintain the sea is less rough and clearer.

Bonassola beach has three bathing facilities equipped and private:

  • Municipal
  • St. George
  • Golden sand
Bonassola spiaggia

It also has two rather large sections of free beach.

Bonassola does not have one dog beach since the furry ones cannot access the main beach, and this contributes to increasing the tranquility of the place. But don't worry, as man's best companions will have more than a chance for a refreshing swim too. More precisely, at their disposal there are the beaches that one encounters along the cycle path, both side Framura, that side Levanto.

Bonassola what to see

Bonassola, her little one, is quick to visit. To get to know it, it is essential to go down to the beach and take a stroll through the alleys, the square and the promenade under the embankment of the old red brick railway, whose vaults give access to the beach. The color of Bonassola is immediately striking. It's all so Ligurian! All so pastel, orange, pink, a sugared almond that has certainly made the fortune of plaster paint retailers!

Bonassola centro

The Old Town of the town ends in a quadrilateral of streets, and some squares (such as Piazza Brigata Cento Croci, with its benches, mosaics, its trees) where the element that almost upsets is the almost absence of cars. In Bonassola it is also good for this, many arrive there by train and do not disturb local life, and those who live on site, either get off the hamlets by bus, or park just outside the streets that matter, immediately returning that human dimension to Bonassola that we should ideally go to recreate in our cities. The cars, however, park upstairs, above the old railway, in a space well harmonized by the municipality that leaves room for parking, the cycle path, and the ability to walk on an seafront raised that offers a beautiful view of the beach and the village behind.

Worth seeing in Bonassola , then there are some prestigious churches, such as that of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria or the oratory of Sant’Erasmo , which prepare the ground for the most spectacular of all, the one where sky and sea meet, where there is all the transcendence you need to get by in these difficult times. We are talking about the Chapel of the Madonna della Punta , outside the town, on a cape which gives its name to the promontory of the same name and which closes the entire bay of Bonassola to the west. Obligatory walk. Again in the center, however, we find the Bonassola castle , right on the back of the small historic center of the town, dating back to about the mid-1500s, and which will not fail to amaze for the enormous clock public!

For those with good legs or an electric bike, then, there are all the villages in the Bonassolese hinterland to visit, and for the sake of precision there are no less than 8, perched on the ridges of La Francesca. Which immerse us in a world of vineyards and countryside still lived and cultivated, and which still have ancient defensive fortifications against the Saracens such as Ardoino Tower .

Bonassola cosa vedere

Bonassola Framura on foot

Last but not least, there is the one already mentioned Maremonti cycle and pedestrian path , of which Bonassola is the middle station and which allows you to move from Bonassola to Framura on foot on one side, with its tourist port, and on the other until you reach Levanto. You will discover how nice it is to ride (or run) among the abandoned tunnels of the old railway, and how nice it is to stop at the tunnel openings and look out over the sea .. maybe on a cloudy day, and find it upset by the wind and waves. Okay enough romance, but that's the way it is, and that's why, besides Liguria, we like Greece and yours so mucha tragedy all Mediterranean.

Bonassola how to get there

For almost everyone, the best way to get to Bonassola is to use the train , very convenient, with a convenient station just a few meters from the town center and seafront. There are no direct services to major Italian cities, there is no direct train from Bonassola to Milan And Turin and least of all Rome or Florence , but there are rides with excellent regularity for Genoa And Spice throughout the day. Most of the trains that stop in Bonassola, however, run on the route between Sestri Levante and La Spezia, with stops at all stations, and frequencies even on the order of every half hour. Without a doubt, for any day trip, the train is the winning solution to get to Bonassola, perhaps parking in Levanto or for those coming from Genoa, Sestri Levante.

You can also get to Bonassola in machine , via the A12 motorway, exit Carrodano / Levanto, and from here down to Levanto center. Here, at the very end of the town, we start climbing again and after a new ration of bends and bends, we will have arrived at our destination. Going up towards Genoa, the SP42 traveling high on the coast then continues to Framura and further beyond Porta a Deiva Marina.

There are no ferries and boats that stop in Bonassola.

Bonassola beach

Bonassola hotel and b & b

Bonassola is a perfect place to sleep for families with children and couples looking for love and complicity. Choose a hotel in Bonassola follows the logic of the heart, of being comfortable with the important people in our life. Booking a b & b in Bonassola is a medical treatment that strengthens the immune system and drives away depression. For this reason, we at This is Liguria have selected special structures, apartments and holiday homes. We imagine Bonassola as a small showcase, luckily still little known and almost not touristy at all, of everything that our little world beyond the Apennines can offer to those who want to challenge our proverbial wildness.

Bonassola Weather

Here is the weather forecast in Bonassola for the next 7 days. We hope there will be sunshine on the day planned for the trip!

BONASSOLA forecasts 7 days

The views of Andrea and Katerina

Between the few lines, we hope to have leaked our passion for Bonassola. A sincere and unpretentious passion, of years of Sundays on the train with a sandwich in the backpack and winter days, with boots for walking on the trails of Punta del Carlino or Salto della Lepre. Perhaps all this was not enough to feel at home, because the Bonassolese are closed and shy, but how could it be otherwise, in a place that before the train arrived was little more than an inaccessible eagle's nest kissed by the sea . Bonassola, few know you but those who do will not have an easy time and able to forget you.