Laigueglia, images of fishermen and colors

 Laigueglia, takes Alassio and improves it, amplifies it, completes it. Together, they are strengthened in the Liguria that these parts call Baia del Sole , which already puts you in vacation mode just thanks to the name. Laigueglia takes us almost to the end of the province of Savona. Rounding off Capo Mele, which can be clearly seen from the beach, is Andora and then it will finally be the turn of the extreme western Ligurian Imperia.


Laigueglia is not a random place. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Liguria. One of the most desired, a real highlight of the entire western coast. The proof is that the average prices of houses for sale are around 5 thousand euros per square meter, which are not peanuts. That of a second home in Laigueglia, where you can retire to do smart working, or escape every Friday evening in summer as in winter (or rather, better in winter!), Is a dream for many.

But why, Laigueglia has all this appeal The answer is in a combination of many factors. There is the distance : Lombardy, Piedmont, Switzerland are under the three-hour barrier. There is its sandy beach, with a very shallow, soft bottom, one where you have to walk a little to avoid touching the bottom: something more unique than rare in Liguria. And this makes it attractive also for the Genoese, who have as much of the sea as they want, but it's all pebbles and pebbles. There is thea beauty : Laigueglia is one of those old Saracen villages, like Noli, like Varigotti, where our region becomes unique, colorful and warlike in its narrow gutters and alleys that always glimpse the melancholy of the sea behind the first curve.

Today we are going to get to know Laigueglia, its beach. We will book together the best hotels on the sea, and holiday homes for rent. We will take a look at the weather today and the next few days and we will discover what to see and do and how to get there to experience it to the fullest and have maximum fun during your holiday.

Laigueglia hotel where to sleep

Our job is to help you find the best accommodation to sleep in Laigueglia. To make the weekend something to remember. Especially in a place like this, where you have to impress your new love, or where you have to make up for the time lost with your family as much as possible.

On This is Liguria, there is only the best of hospitality from our region and for this we have filtered among all possible categories. There is the hotel by the sea with the beach as a bedside rug, the b & b on the hills with breakfast. The advice on where to sleep in Laigueglia is therefore very dependent on how long you plan to stay, what kind of holiday you are looking for, and also in what season: in winter, it will certainly be more pleasant to find accommodation in the historic center, in summer perhaps. the coolness and tranquility of the hill behind the town.


Laigueglia beach

There Laigueglia beach it is a real spectacle: and it is indisputably one of most beautiful sandy beaches in Liguria. We anticipated it, without her, Laigueglia would not be what it is. Almost never like here, in Liguria, you can come to the sea and walk on the water's edge with your ankles in the water and your fingertips on the sand. On the beach in Laigueglia you can soak without even needing to know how to swim!

Laigueglia beach is located in a very long stretch of sandy coast, always accessible for all its 3 km of length. On the north side it merges with the beach of Alassio, near the restaurant "La cliff", while on the south it ends with Capo Mele. You have to fall in love at the first stroke with this beach, which fills hearts with sun and light. White sand and seagulls, colored wedges umbrellas in an orderly row, transparent water, lifeguard watchtowers that seem to be in Malibu. The island of Gallinara in the background as a lookout.

Laigueglia beach is ideal for the whole family , a jewel for children who will have tons and buckets of soft sand at their disposal. Having to find flaws, well, no one is immune. Surely the biggest Achilles heel is that the part of the free beach of Laigueglia is definitely too small! We would certainly need more handkerchiefs without bathrooms, but on the other hand, we understand that the temptation to economically exploit all this sand, in an area where there is so little, is too strong.

Laigueglia spiaggia

The following are instead the Laigueglia bathing establishments , which we have all tried over the years.

  • Municipal Baths of Levante
  • Pino bathrooms
  • Edi bathrooms
  • Antilles Beach
  • Tyrrhenian Baths
  • Atlantic baths
  • St. Tropez baths
  • Lido of Laigueglia
  • Antonio baths
  • Molo bathrooms
  • Bagni San Matteo
  • Babyla baths
  • The palm trees beach
  • Altamarea baths
  • Irene baths
  • Baths The sail
  • Rita baths
  • Diana baths
  • Aurora baths
  • Rainbow Baths
  • Marinella baths
  • Capo Mele baths
Laigueglia spiaggia

Laigueglia what to see

Laigueglia is small, but it has its attractions, and there is no shortage of things to see. They are all concentrated in a few meters away from each other and the beauty is that they can all be discovered within a pleasant walk.

  • The Horse keep it is one of the symbols of Laigueglia, indeed, certainly its most important and characteristic historical vestige. It is located right in the heart of the historic center of the village. Almost everyone simply calls it Torre Saracena or Bastione, and it was part of the defensive system of the race against the attacks of Ottoman piracy throughout the Middle Ages. It is circular in shape and appears to lay its foundations directly on the sand. The gray of its centenary stones is fought with the red and yellow facades of the buildings that surround it, and it is there, right in front of the sea, as if to still protect the boats moored on the beach. A must!
    The Torrione, among other things, is the site of one of the most important events held annually in Laigueglia, the landing of the Saracens. The date to be marked on the calendar is variable, but always coincides with the end of July and the beginning of August. It is a medieval re-enactment, a palio that pits the locals against the Turkish invaders, in a terrible fight to the last ball .. of foam rubber. In the same tower, the tower is set on fire, the sky of Laigueglia illuminated by a thousand fireworks, and everything trembles at the beating of the drums. A show not to be missed and to be marked on the calendar to get in tune with the Laigueglino spirit! It contrasts with the San Matteo fair, a traditional three days of stalls and more, with a fantastic display of worked wood products, but also filigree and all the Ligurian craftsmanship that we like so much. And speaking of tastes and flavors, there is no better time than October to visit Laigueglia, when it is home to the Salto dell'acciuga, which is much more, a real kaleidoscope of Mediterranean-themed meetings, with space for theater, ethnic music, minutes of beauty tour in the Laigueglia you don't see, revival, cooking etiquette and much more!a!
  • Right in front of the horse's keep is the pier of Laigueglia , its natural complement. A pier from which to enjoy a spatial view over the entire western coast, which becomes even more magical in the golden hour of sunset, when all the lights of the Alassian coast are lit up like a thousand torches that inflame us with emotion. And it happens all the time, without exception. To understand the Laigueglia pier, you have to come in winter, when the sun does not warm up but the air is clear and clean, and there is all the tranquility in the world. Stop for a moment on the parapet, and feel yourself in the middle of the sea, between the waves and the hills. In short, saying that it is a romantic, couple-proof place is obvious, but love is never enough, and this is the right place to fill up on it.
  • Street Dante Alighieri it is the main street of Laigueglia, its main alley, its intestine. Among squares that appear suddenly, palm trees and creuze trampled by sailors and Catalan immigrants coral fishermen, interesting boutiques, arcades to cross, there is all the spirit of Italy. Or rather, the old soul of Italy that has ferried us to the present day. In Laigueglia the past and the present coexist with all their contradictions, and tourism and daily life carry on the riparian routine shoulder to shoulder.
  • Special then, among the things to see in Laigueglia, the Church of San Matteo with the neighbor oratory of Santa Maria Maddalena . A splendid church dating back to 1600 and unfortunately crushed by the railway and the Aurelia that run right next to it. As shy, and inconspicuous from the outside, as a wonderful work of art and baroque human ingenuity inside. Impossible not to visit.
  • Laigueglia viewpoint : this is not a real attraction, indeed the name is pure fantasy, but just a quick tip that we like to leave for a different ride than usual. That is to go along via Andrea Doria, the road on the residential hill of Laigueglia, and enjoy the view over the entire Alassian gulf that appears at the first back.
  • Micheri glue it is a small village, also medieval, just above the city center. It can be reached easily by car along via Monaco, and it is worth it. Colla Micheri is a pretty good "diversion" to cool off after hours on the beach under humid stone arches, shady alleys, breathtaking views across the bay of the sun, wrought iron balconies and artistic majolica tiles decorating doors by who knows what artist . Colla Micheri is a bit like Bussana Vecchia, near Sanremo, a den of pirates and boheme, prickly pebbles and pebbles that smell of a gentler past than this present that we were destined to live.
Laigueglia cosa vedere

The kisses of Laigueglia

A sweet and tasty parenthesis. You cannot go home from Laigueglia without having tasted his kisses! We are talking about the typical dessert of the village, small pastry biscuits with hazelnuts and cocoa, very similar to lady's kisses and different almost only in the dough. They are on sale in all gut bars and workshops, in bags that will last a short time, and that we always aim to get home, but which actually have a hard time getting to the motorway toll booth!!

What to do in Laigueglia

Laigueglia is an ideal town for it sport , 365 days a year! With its beautiful climate, the flat waterfront, the hinterland full of paths and country lanes, the runner and the cyclist they will have the opportunity to train every day on a different path. You can also just cheer in March, when the village becomes the finish line of the historian Laigueglia Trophy of cycling, chosen by many big names to prepare for the season. Not to mention the triathlete , which will also add the sea and zac, here is the perfect playground to prepare the next Iron Man! But even without exaggerating with sport, Laigueglia offers a lot.


There are so many things to do in the evening, for example. It begins as always with i restaurants , there is there are all types, both gourmet and simpler. What you eat is the ever-present mix of sea and land products that is so peculiar to Liguria. Without forgetting that in these parts you can't help but want to gulp down focaccia as much as you can, so a good cheap and quick lunch or dinner in the oven or in a takeaway focaccia can't really miss.

As for the nightlife, in Laigueglia there are a couple of pubs and then you can always continue the evening by hopping at the club. The area has more discos, the most classic and the most famous is La Suerte, which also has a restaurant where you can have dinner or lunch a stone's throw from the sand, and which is open all year round, so much so that we even celebrated a New Year's Eve there. few years ago!


Then, among the things to do in Laigueglia, there are the attractions for children , as the Wow Waterpark , which defines itself as the largest water park of inflatable games positioned on the water, in the open sea, ever built in Italy.”.

Laigueglia centro

Laigueglia how to get there

To know how to get to Laigueglia there are more alternatives, all valid. The most popular is obviously to get to Laigueglia by car. To do this, you have to take the A10, the highway of flowers, and exit at Albenga, and from here continue towards Alassio via the Aurelia Bis, finally a small stretch of SS1 up to Laigueglia.

You can also get to Laigueglia by train. The town has its own station, built right in the town center, inserted on the Genoa-Ventimiglia line. It is a secondary station, in the still single track section of the line, where only regional trains (for the great majority on the Savona Ventimiglia section) and fast regional trains to Turin stop. There are no direct trains from Laigueglia to Milan, but these are very frequent to Alassio, the reference station to get to Laigueglia by train in the fastest way.e.

Once you get off the convoy, you can move from Alassio to Laigueglia by bus , with the TPL Savona line 40, which runs on the Andora - Finale Ligure itinerary with very good frequencies, never more than half an hour of waiting.

Laigueglia parking

To find parking in Laigueglia, on the wrong day, it is as always a problem, or to be more precise, a nightmare. The same one that grips the whole of Liguria. However, there is no need to despair, because luckily, there are good parking opportunities along the Aurelia, especially on the Alassio side, but also on the opposite side of the seafront. The public parking in via Andrea Doria is very useful.

Laigueglia weather

Here are the predictions forecast in Laigueglia today and for the next 7 days.

The views of Andrea and Katerina

One cannot love Liguria and not be in love with Laigueglia. It is so unique that you have to breathe it in, not just see it. Two steps in its gut are really not enough to grasp its exclusivity, because Laigueglia is above all a state of mind in which one enters and inexorably only slowly and attending it for a certain time. There is nothing hit and run in our relationship with this village of Liguria, but rather a constant satisfaction that is strengthened from time to time.lta.