Bergeggi is a beach, it is an island, it is a commune. But it is much more than the sum of them. It is a place that is made up of many parts and in which Liguria really comes into its own. One of those places that are 'worth 10 of all the others'. Bergeggi, then, is a real village, and has a small historic centre, remains in the collective imagination 'the beach', moreover one of the most beautiful in the region.

Among Genoese, when you do not know each other and after a while comes the fateful question “and where do you usually go to the sea, to the West or East?", "I am going to Bergeggi” is very often the lapidary answer. As if she alone enclosed everything in one, as if so much, elsewhere, better is not possible to find.

Bergeggi Italy

And what do we think? Well, in many ways, it is true. Bergeggi is unique, Bergeggi is beautiful, always close and damn tempting. As in general is the whole stretch of coastline in the Savona area, of which it is also a part. From Vado to Spotorno and then on to Finale, Pietra Ligure and Loano. Twenty or so kilometres are magnificent for lovers of the sea, typical villages, crystal-clear beaches and even little islands. And Bergeggi, of this rainbow ensemble, is one of the jewels.

Bergeggi, however, is not just a beach. There is the village, a few hairpin bends above the sea, which offers incredible views of the sea, the beach and the islet below. Here there are beautiful villas, holiday homes with views to dream of all year round, and rustic taverns and alleyways and cobblestones that suddenly slip into the paths of a beautiful forest just above the little church house. There is the little island, one of the very few in Liguria, together with nearby Gallinara in Albenga and Palmaria in Portovenere.

Bergeggi map

Bergeggi: how to get there

 To get to Bergeggi  you have to follow the Aurelia, state road 1 that leads to Ventimiglia. That's all. 

  •  By car, you have to exit at Savona on the A10 motorway coming from Genoa / Milan / Turin, and choose the Spotorno exit coming from Imperia and Ventimiglia. 
  •  By train, the preferred station, also in this case, is that of Savona. From here, then, you can get to Bergeggi by bus taking line 37 Savona - Torre del Mare. The travel time to reach Bergeggi (piazzale Roma) is about 40 minutes. 


 The  parking in Bergeggi  is a problem not to be trifled with. At least, it is for those who want to sleep long in the morning and do not like to wake up early and have breakfast before the crowing of the cock. In fact, to easily find parking in Bergeggi, a good rule of thumb is to arrive by 8 am, at the latest by 8:30 am. Then, it will be easy to squeeze into the free parking lot at the top of the steps. After that, you have to go to pay, or in any case, waste time looking for a hole next to the Aurelia. This is a dangerous solution, because fines are lurking and a wheel beyond the white line is enough to find that hateful colored ticket under the windshield wiper of the car. 

 Another parking solution in Bergeggi is to take advantage of the one made available by the Kava nightclub, which is available for € 10 per day. And then, there are public transport, so you can go away and leave your vehicle at the port of Vado, and from here continue by bus, or even on foot, with a more or less long walk. Or continue up to Spotorno, and do the same. In short, timing is everything to find parking in Bergeggi!

 Bergeggi beach 

The Bergeggi beach  is therefore “a lot of stuff”. One of those places that you go there, and you are immediately surprised, one of those that “I never thought I'd find such a beautiful beach in Liguria”. Yet, not only it is almost  a scooter distance from Turin, but also a short distance (not even 10 km) from the port of Savona and the logistics platform of Vado Ligure. Magically, however, almost out of spite and certainly by divine retaliation, once the concrete of the latter is finished, a magnificent coast opens up, a beautiful sea, with always clear, turquoise water and - this is the right term for us - euphoric. 


The beaches of Bergeggi with pleasant pebbles and thick sand with the port of Vado in the distance. 

 Bergeggi beach actually consists of a small succession of several beaches, all well-kept, which can be free but also equipped with sun beds and umbrellas. In general, it is a beach that allows you to enjoy a thousand activities, experiences and water sports, including that of reaching the opposite islet by canoe, and - its peculiarity - the caves in its vicinity. 

 However, it is the fine gravel seabed that makes Bergeggi beach wonderful, almost Caribbean, and never as in this case makes it ideal for snorkelling and swimming in open water. In terms of services, the Bergeggi beach is also very well organized: even in the free sections there are showers and free toilets, and finally, but this is a certainty in Italy, there is no shortage of restaurants where to eat and drink well.

 Lido delle sirene 

Speaking of Bergeggi beach, we think it is useful to dedicate a small section of our page to one in particular, the Lido and Baia delle Sirene.  One that if your friends don't recommend it to you, you end up not going there. In fact, you can hardly see it from above, hidden by the cliff and below a thousand steps. 

 Bergeggi's Siren Bay is almost catapulted under the Aurelia, practically flush with the cliff. As a view and scenery, we can guarantee that it is pure magic. And as if that weren't enough, it is a wild beach, but at the same time fully equipped, even with an ultra-characteristic tavern, dug into the rock. 

 Part of the beauty of Lido delle Sirene lies in the steps required to reach it, a true work of seaside engineering! Particular not to be overlooked, the tranquility given by the fact that the bay is inserted in the natural reserve of Bergeggi, with the relative prohibition to be reached by motor boats. How are the prices? About 25 euros for the first row, with the usual combo of umbrella and 2 sunbeds, really well spent. even in this case, arriving early is mandatory: given the difficulty of finding parking, but above all due to the exposure under the cliff: the shade arrives very early even in the middle of August, and the games will be done by 5pm. 

 Saracens Bay

 The Baia dei Saraceni  is undoubtedly one of the most  visible  beaches in all of Liguria. For many, it is much more than it is, as if it included the whole stretch of sea that goes from Vado to Noli and Finale. But this is not the case: the real Baia dei Saraceni is a small beach, with paid entrance, only 400 meters long, squeezed between Varigotti  and the Malpasso beach, for us one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria. Its distance from Bergeggi is 10 km along the Aurelia state road. 

 What to see in Bergeggi 

Bergeggi, however, is not just the sea. It is always worthwhile, before going home, to take a trip to the town, to enjoy at least a little of its alleys, its bricks, and the view, perhaps having a coffee seated away from traffic and confusion. And for a visit that can properly be called complete, it is worth taking a quick look at the following things to see in Bergeggi: 

  •  The church of San Martino di Tours. In its small provincial church, it contains some delightful paintings, statues and crucifixes that make it particularly interesting. 
  •  Fort Sant’elena, one of the many military installations, to protect against pirate raids that are scattered throughout this area 
  •  Mount Sant’Elia, one of the mountains that dot the ridges of Bergeggi, also with remains of ancient fortifications and an exceptional view 
  •  Monte Mao, this destination of a more complex but not difficult climb, the peak already projected on Spotorno. The ascent to Mount Mao is a beautiful path that at the top offers a panorama that seems to fly. 
  •  The town and the historic center are another of the things to see in Bergeggi not to be missed. Especially because they are not the classic Ligurian village we are used to. Few facades all joined together in pastel colors, with the gaze captured by the terracotta tile roofs, which almost seem to come out of a Tuscan landscape. The center of Bergeggi, high up on the hill, is wide and not very collected, elongated and widened along the road that goes from the Town Hall to the elementary school passing by the church of San Martino. 

 Hotel where to sleep in Bergeggi 

 Bergeggi has many hotels and b&bs, having always been one of the main tourist areas of Liguria. Evidence is the residential district of Torre al Mare, an interesting example of architecture since the 1960s, we must say quite successful even if we are always very dubious about projects of this type. When it comes to choosing where to sleep in Bergeggi, the options inevitably spill over to neighboring villages, as the municipality is so small. Spotorno, Finale and everything around them is a convenient and strategic area for a holiday in the Bergeggi sea. 

 Especially families will appreciate Spotorno, but also Noli and of course Finale iLigure itself. Not to mention that, further away a handful of kilometers, they will also have access to the territory of Pietra Ligure and Loano, where the beaches are always within reach of a stroller, balls and inflatable mattresses. 

Couples, on the other hand, will love to stop and sleep in Bergeggi in a hotel or b&b in the area, perhaps slightly on the hill, with a total sea view that can range as far as Genoa. With these criteria we have selected the accommodations featured here on This is Liguria: we are sure you will like them! 

 Bergeggi island 


The islet of Bergeggi seen from the beach of Torre del Mare. This beach falls mainly already in the municipality of Spotorno.  

Very few, if any, are aware that the island of Bergeggi is actually called Sant’Eugenio . So close to the coast that it can be reached by swimming or by pedal boat, about 300 meters as the crow flies divide it from the Bergeggi coast. Today the island is uninhabited, but it hasn't always been this way, quite the contrary. Indeed, the first human settlements date back to before the Roman era. It houses a tower and a church dedicated to Sant’Eugenio. This monastery has a very ancient history and the best way to get to know it is to be here on July 12, the feast of the saint, when a procession of leudi, the local boats, gives Noli , arrives at the church carrying his remains. 

The island of Bergeggi is part of a protected marine area, and the current problems are very different from those of yesterday: in fact, the overpopulation of the colony of seagulls that inhabits it is frightening, which in a few decades has already reduced by about 60% of the biodiversity rate of the island flora. 

For divers and diving, there is no need to say it, Bergeggi island is a true paradise! 

 Bergeggi meteo 

The microclimate of Bergeggi is excellent: as in many other places in Liguria, in this particular point the sea and the mountains are extremely close, at the same time guaranteeing shelter and slightly higher temperatures than the immediate vicinity. The weather forecast in Bergeggi for the next few days, on the other hand, we leave them on the screen just below: we hope they are clear for the date you plan to visit it! 


 The opinions of Andrea and Katerina 

Bergeggi is always a wonder, summer as winter, a day to spend at the sea as a Sunday trip to reconcile with the salt and nature when no one is around. To be enjoyed in the morning, immediately after a nice "slerfa" of focaccia at breakfast, because in Bergeggi, especially in August, the sun gradually becomes early in the afternoon. But it is the price to pay to enjoy a small paradise on earth, because this is precisely the point, this beach and its village are nothing more than an Eden that appears suddenly, in addition behind a busy port like that of Vado. Beauty, angelic, always appears when you least expect it.