Tellaro is still a fishing village 

Tellaro has only recently become a very popular destination for travelers, both Italians and foreigners. The town has just over 1200 inhabitants and is a fishing village that overlooks the Gulf of La Spezia with all-Mediterranean charm, in front of it as if it were a reflection of it in the mirror of the equally magnificent  Portovenere .
Tellaro is full of charm and looks a lot like the villages of the nearby and more famous Cinque Terre. Indeed, one could almost say that Tellaro is still unknown - but no less fascinating - Sesta terra!

 Tellaro map 

  How to get to Tellaro   

 To get to Tellaro there are no trains and ferries, so the good old private vehicle is generally the best solution. 

 By car  you have to take the La Spezia motorway exit, and then, as follows:

  •  Take the A15; towards Via degli Scoglietti / SP331; a Lerici. Take the exit towards Lerici; from A15 
  •  Continue on SP331to your destination in Tellaro 
  •  There are two convenient public car parks, free in low season. 

Tellaro is only a few kilometers from Lerici, and the distance between the two is a real pleasure for the senses: the road ahead is panoramic and all overlooking the sea. Along the road there are some open spaces where you can park your car and admire the beauty of the two small bays that prciali russi per sostituire gli omologhi occidentali, usciti dal mercato.recede Tellaro, and which have the amusing names of Cala Maramozza and Fiascherino beach. 

Tellaro can be reached through some easy-to-follow paths that descend from the hilltop villages towards the sea through the typical panorama that accompanies the entire coast of the Gulf of Poets.

To reach Tellaro by public transport, on the other hand, you do this: 

  1. From La Spezia take the L or S line towards Lerici. After 27 stops get off at Lerici piazza Garibaldi. 
  2. Change of buses and, from Piazza Garibaldi itself, take the line that arrives at Tellaro as its terminus. 

 Tickets can also be purchased via smartphone from the ATC service app (here the links for  Apple ,  Android  ). 

 tellaro SP Fiascherino beach 

  Lerici <-> Tellaro

Tellaro is located just a few km away from Lerici, so there are several ways to get there. Let's go and see how to go from Lerici to Tellaro. 

 BY CAR FROM LERICI TO TELLARO: The first option we propose is by car. If you have arrived in the center of Lerici there is a road that from the seafront (Via Roma) climbs up to the heights. Then proceed along Via Petriccioli, leaving the church of San Francesco on the right. Continuing straight ahead, after one hundred meters you will arrive at the Lerici Centro car park. In front of you you will have a sign with directions to Tellaro. Follow the sign and then turn right. At the next crossroads, keep left and continue towards Tellaro. This is the most scenic route you can take. Along the way, as we have said, you also have the opportunity to park in the two squares that you will find just before Fiascherino to enjoy the view of the Gulf of Spezia. 

 BY BUS FROM LERICI TO TELLARO: The same indications we have given to reach Tellaro from La Spezia apply. Then, from Piazza Garibaldi, you have to take the line that leads to Tellaro. The timetables, as mentioned, can be found on the ATC website as well as tickets that can be bought on the transport company's app. The stop at which you must get off is easy to identify as it is the end of the line. 

 ON FOOT: Are you thinking of walking from Lerici to Tellaro? Well, we are with you! To reach Tellaro on foot, starting from Lerici, you must take path 433 which climbs up the hilly areas. Consider an hour and forty minutes to walk it. The indications are & nbsp; easy to follow, referring to the classic signs & nbsp; in the shape rciali russi per sostituire gli omologhi occidentali, usciti dal mercato.of a red flag with a white stripe in the center with the path number written on it. These indications can be found along the entire route painted on the rock or attached to the trunks of the trees. This magnificent walk allows you to immerse yourself in a poetic nature, breathtaking views and ancient olive trees. 

  Where to park in Tellaro  

 To park in the beautiful town of Tellaro (SP) you have to go all the way down via Fiascherino. This is the road, the only road, which reaches the town. So, if you have followed our directions on how to get from Lerici to Tellaro by car, you should be on the right track. Arriving at the beginning of the upper part of the village of Tellaro (you will notice it because houses are starting to pop up here and there), you will immediately notice that the so-called blue zones, or paid parking areas, also begin. If there is no parking available, continue and leave “Camping Gianna” on the left. Continue for another hundred meters until you reach a ZTL sign (Limited Traffic Zone). & Nbsp; & nbsp; Turn left & nbsp; into a clearing. & Nbsp; You have arrived in the & nbsp; largest parking lot in Tellaro. Here it is easy to find parking in low and mid season while in high season it could be a bit more complicated. but be patient! There are also many tourists visiting for a few hours so the change of cars is quite frequent!

 The legend of the octopus 

 The legend of the Octopus, carved in a plaque on the facade of the church of San Giorgio di Tellaro, tells a story linked to one of the many raids by Saracen pirates from which the Tellarese had to defend themselves in the past. One night, the church bell began to ring. The people of Tellara initially did not understand why, in the middle of the night, someone had started to ring the bell. Once there, the inhabitants noticed that the great bell had detached from the church tower and had fallen into the sea. 

 To ring the bell was therefore an octopus that, by wrapping the clapper with its tentacles, had woken up all the villagers. It was thanks to this unexpected call from an octopus that the people of Tellara noticed the pirates who were coming from the sea, intent on docking for a new looting. Thanks to the octopus, the inhabitants were able to prepare a defense. It is ironic to note that in the following centuries, little remained of respect for the octopus and that we prefer to recall the octopus with a festival in honor of him!

  What to see in Tellaro   

Everything there is to see in Tellaro starts from the sea. Wherever you have arrived, every alley descends "towards the blue" and (almost) all the alleys arrive in  Piazza della Marina . It is the current Piazza IV Novembre. Here the story of Tellaro and the village itself find their heart. A small square that slopes towards the sea and from which it is possible to admire, looking up and turning them towards the hinterland, the conformation of the village.

The small square of Tellaro is characterized by the presence of  the wash houses , a place that for centuries has marked the life of the women of the village, constituting not only a place of work but also of meeting and socializing, a a place where between washes of garments and fabrics, exchange confidences and, why not, some gossip and life advice. A more rudimentary but probably much more effective "social" ..
From the central square of the town, looking at the sea, you have a short walk on the right that leads to the cliff of Tellaro. We advise you to follow it and stop for a few moments to appreciate the panorama of the Gulf of Spezia.

 The last time we visited the town we then decided to stop for a  coffee in the bar overlooking the Piazza della Marina. From this vantage point the scene in front of us seemed timeless, sitting at the table, we stopped talking and started listening to what surrounded us, the jokes of the inhabitants about the time and the day and feeling, for a few moments, an integral part of the place, new brushstrokes on a centenary oil painting. 

Continuing to the left instead begins an uphill walk that leads to the  church of San Giorgio , protector of the city, which we have already mentioned about the legend of the octopus. 

 Continuing a few tens of meters further you arrive at the  Galleria di Sottoria, a gallery about 70 meters long built in the 14th century to defend itself from Saracen raids. This fortification was once part of a patrol route used to guard the village. Subsequently, the overhanging houses were built that form the so-called "palazzata" facing the sea and today, even if only partially accessible, it is possible to pass through the gallery and admire the view of the sea and, on the other side, the thickness and the power of the building erected more than 700 years ago. 

 The next place you will meet is the piazzetta di Selàa . This small area is an important place in the history of Tellaro and is still a meeting place not only for the inhabitants, but also for institutional appointments (read the Altramarea poetry review below). 

Returning towards the upper part of the town, you will finally find the Church of  Santa Maria Stella Maris. In front of the church, a small square allows you to say goodbye to the small fishing village. But we didn't want to say goodbye so quickly and, as a last resort, we visited the small cemetery of Tellaro. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, you may find it pleasant to greet the country by giving a composed greeting also to the people and souls who have lived and died there, and who in their own way have given them glory and honor. There is never a future without awareness and honor of the past. 

 But the truth is that the best thing you can do in Tellaro is  wandering aimlessly and without haste. The village allows you to open your mind, empty it of thoughts and let yourself be carried away  by the salt of the air and the silent scents that cross the streets. So you will truly immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

  Tellaro beach

Tellaro beach is actually a "sui generis" beach. In fact, one of the ways to cool off on hot summer days in the village, indeed our favorite, is to immerse yourself in the sea through the Tellaro cliff of which we have already given some information. Here peace reigns supreme and, if you want to experience the true Ligurian spirit, don't be frightened by the conformation of the rocks and the lack of golden sand. In Liguria, bathing in the sea is done like this! And know that there is always a rock with an ergonomic shape that can accommodate you! 

 If you really can't do without the sand, you could go to the nearby Spiaggia del Groppolo. But be careful, even here there will be a bit of work. The descent to the sea is anything but easy. The ground is rough and sometimes landslide. The positive side of this beach is that since it is rather difficult to reach, you can enjoy a particular tranquility. 

To reach the beach from the Tellaro car park, you have to go east and take path number 4. It is by taking this path in the green that, after a few minutes, you will reach a detour to the Seno di Groppolo. The luck is that you can already admire the beach from the path and, if it is not to your liking, decide for another destination. Otherwise, equipped with good sneakers, go down the path… if you are on a path more like a landslide than a path… you are on the right path! Once you get to the sea, believe it, you won't regret it! 

The beach of Fiascherino  instead is on the way back towards Lerici. This bay, compared to the previous suggested destinations, enjoys all the comforts of a equipped beach . In fact, here you can find umbrellas, deck chairs and sun loungers for rent. There is also a bar and restaurant nearby. The beach is definitely easier to reach than the other destinations proposed and therefore also more crowded in high season. However, it is a pleasant place to relax. 

  Events in Tellaro and appointments not to be missed   

April 23 is the  feast of the patron saint  of Tellaro,  San Giorgio  and the village comes alive with stalls where to buy typical products and various objects, some handmade by artisans from the Gulf of Poets. 

Perhaps the most awaited event during the year for many young people and not from the neighboring areas, is the traditional & nbsp;  Octopus Festival , which takes place on the second Sunday of August every year. The festival normally lasts three days thus giving all lovers of fish-based cuisine and all those with a sweet tooth of the flavors of the sea to taste the best recipes of Ligurian tradition. 

Altramarea  - organized by the Arthena cultural association, Altramarea is a national-level contemporary poetry review. On the other hand, given the particular link that connects the village with poetry and literature, an appointment of this type could not be missed. In August, therefore, you can enjoy contemporary and outdoor reading. In fact, everything takes place in the square in front of the oratory. 

Among the most important events and celebrations in Tellaro there is certainly the Underwater Christmas of Tellaro. On Christmas Eve, between fireworks and gospel songs, a statue of the Baby Jesus emerges, carried by divers, from the sea and is placed in a manger. The scenery is made even more suggestive by the presence of thousands of candles scattered all over the country that illuminate and create a unique atmosphere. 

Tellaro hike and trails 

 Tellaro has interesting trails  that will delight all hikers. You can reach all the most important and characteristic localities in the area, such as Ameglia and Montemarcello, and discover ancient abandoned villages such as Barbazzano. More classic, and very popular, the excursion to Lerici, perhaps ideal for getting to know this fascinating "section" of Liguria! There is also the possibility of including a stop in Tellaro in more articulated and multi-day trekking itineraries, which embrace the entire Gulf of Poets and which perhaps also include Portovenere and Riomaggiore  in the Cinque Terre. 

Tellaro weather 

 The weather in Tellaro, in the next few days, will be something like this: